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Online and flash based golf games have been famous for their easy control schemes, and 247 Mini Golf is no different. In this game, all you need to use is your mouse. Move it until you get the right angle and power for your swing. Once you are all set, just press the left click button to make the shot. And that's about it for the controls! Now, let's take a closer look at the game...

247 Minigolf Walkthrough

I'm not too sure why the title of this golf game is 247 Mini Golf. Perhaps it would take you 247 hits to complete the whole game? Or maybe, someone has spent 24 hours for 7 days to finish it? Well, I'm not too sure. BUT if you are going to ask me if this is one of those fun golf games, then my answer would be a resounding YES!

Unlike most golf games out there such as the popular Tiger Woods PGA series of games; Links 2003, Microsoft Golf series, etc., 247 Mini Golf is less serious, it's less intimidating, BUT it can be a heck lot of fun! With 18 holes to complete, this is one of those golf games that can suck you into its world and keep you playing for hours to come. I, for one, played the game over and over again... spending like 3 hours in the process before I had the courage to finally close the game window and start writing this article!

Anyway, saying that it's not as serious or realistic as other golf games on PC don't mean it cannot be challenging. Have you played the likes of Doyu Golf? Have you checked St. Mulligan's 3-Putt golf game and enjoyed the 4 different characters it has? Yeah? Well, if you have tried these games out and enjoyed them, then you will surely like 247 Mini Golf. Just like the golf games that I have mentioned, each hole or course has their own set of obstacles and challenges that you need to pass through.

The golf course itself can pose a lot of challenge... and even make veteran online golf gamers sweat! Have you ever played in a T or M-shaped golf course? What about those that have a very narrow path where only precisely shot balls could pass through? Sounds fun? Hell yeah it does and those are just some of the challenges you will find in every hole here at 247 Mini Golf.

Now, if you don't find the golf course to be challenging enough, perhaps the puddles of mud and water scattered all over the place; irregular terrain filled with hills; ramps, bunkers, etc. will be challenging enough for you! By the way, be careful about the puddles of water in this game. When your ball rolls to it, you need to start from the very beginning.

Anyway, after completing a hole in 247 Mini Golf, you will be taken to the scoreboards. It will show you which level you are at, and underneath the levels row, you will find the Par (or maximum strikes) for every hole. While you may take more than the Par to finish a hole, this gives you a lower score, at the bottom-most part of the scoreboard, you will see how many excess hits you have taken for a level and the total for the whole game. The lower the total, the higher your score will be. By the way, there's no time limit in this game. I highly advise that you take advantage of that, think over your shots, and make sure every swing of that golf club counts.

A Little Bit About Hitting That Ball: alright, hitting your golf ball is done by moving your mouse. If you can't hit the ball from where your mouse is at, this is indicated by a red club with an X in the middle. If the golf club is black with no X's whatsoever, that means you can hit it from there. The direction of the ball when hit is indicated by a black arrow. You can change and strengthen the power of your hit by moving your mouse further from the ball and opposite of the arrow's direction. The longer the arrow gets, the harder you will hit the ball.

Summing things up, while there are many non-standard or irregular stuff in 247 Mini Golf (things you won't find in a normal and sanely designed golf course), this is one of those fun-to-play golf games you surely want to check out!