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3D Mini Golf Instructions

3D Mini Golf is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse around your golfer to aim. Move the mouse away from your golfer to increase power. Click to hit the ball. Use the arrow keys to scroll the map. You may hold the shift key to temporarily make your golfer invisible if he or she blocks your view.

3D Mini Golf Walkthrough

3D Mini Golf is a miniature golf game with psuedo-3D graphics. 3D Mini Golf features four avatars to choose from, eighteen challenging holes, and a two-player mode that lets you to challenge a friend!

At the beginning of 3D Mini Golf, you have the opportunity to select your character. The character that you choose is purely an aesthetic decision that has no effect on actual gameplay, but it may be helpful to choose different characters if you are playing in two-player mode. Your objective in this miniature golf game is to get as low of a score as possible by putting the ball into each hole in as few strokes as possible. If you are playing in two-player mode, you will also want to have a lower score than your opponent at the end of the round. This golf game contains a full eighteen holes and no option to play only nine, so you should only play if you have about a half hour of spare time if you intend to finish.

3D Mini Golf features simple mouse controls. Move the mouse around your golfer to aim. The further the mouse is away from your golfer, the more power you will apply to your stroke. An arrow emanating from the ball will help you to take aim, while a blue bar at your golfer's feet indicates the power of your stroke. Click to hit the ball. It should be noted that your golfer will aim in the opposite direction of the mouse in this golf game. If it helps, you can imagine that moving your mouse represents your golfers backswing while clicking causes the foreswing.

There is a limit to the power than you can apply to each stroke in 3D Mini Golf. Maximum power is barely enough to make it up steep inclines, so in some cases it may be best to take one stroke to putt the ball close to the incline, then putt the ball up the incline in a second stroke. It is better to take one extra stroke than to see your ball roll all the way back down the hill to your feet!

If you enjoy miniature golf games with cute graphics, then you will certainly enjoy 3D Mini Golf. Tackle the mean eighteen holes of this min golf game alone, or challenge a friend!