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Adventure Golf Instructions

Adventure Golf is controlled by using the mouse. At the beginning of each hole, use the mouse to position your first putt from the "tee box". Move your mouse to aim and power your stroke. Click to putt.

Adventure Golf Walkthrough

Adventure Golf is, as its name implies, a miniature golf game (miniature golf is known as "adventure golf" in some regions). Adventure Golf was created by The Track, a family fun park in Branson, Missouri, and is a Flash version of their miniature golf course.

In Adventure Golf, the goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. There are a total of nine holes in this mini golf game, with par for the course being twenty-one strokes. Each hole has an eight-stroke maximum, so putting eight times will automatically give you a score of eight on the current hole, then take you to the next. You may also manually skip a hole by clicking the appropriate button in the lower-left of the screen. Skipping holes in this golf game will give you a score of eight strokes on each skipped hole.

Adventure Golf shares a control scheme with many other Flash golf games. Before your first stroke, click on the place in the tee box that you wish to start from. When putting, the position of your mouse represents your backswing. The ball will go in the opposite direction of the angle between it and your mouse cursor. The farther your mouse is from the ball, the harder you will hit it. Click to hit the ball. To help you with your aim in this golf game, arrows will appear from the ball to indicate the power and direction of your stroke.

Similar to the traditional game of gold, hitting the ball into the water will invoke a penalty stroke in Adventure Golf. Hitting into the water should certainly be avoided in this golf game, since you will be penalized and on top of that will have to start the hole from its very beginning, regardless of your progress. You must also pay attention to slopes in each course. Putting against a slope requires more power, while putting with a slope requires less. Slopes are represented by arrows indicating their direction.

Adventure Golf is a straightforward miniature golf game that provides entertainment despite being a basic game. Since Adventure Golf only features nine holes rather than a full eighteen, it is a perfect golf game to play while on a quick break!