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Desktop Mini Golf Instructions

The control scheme for Desktop Mini Golf is as standard as it could get as far as golf games go. You don't even need your keyboard to play the game. As long as you have a working mouse, you are good to go: (1) Move your mouse to adjust the angle of your shot. You will notice that as you move your mouse, the red arrow follows it. The arrow indicates your ball's trajectory when you hit it. (2) Moving your mouse away and to the ball will adjust your stroke's power. It will fill or empty the arrow. Once in full, it will hit the ball with FULL power. (3) Once you are all set and you think you have achieved the optimal power and angle for your stroke, just hit the left click button and off the ball goes. With a little practice, the controls for Desktop Mini Golf should be second nature to you.

Desktop Mini Golf Walkthrough

Whether you are working at the office or at an isolated room in your home, work can sometimes be boring... and the extreme boredom can suck your life and energy out. Don't you just wish that, sometimes, you can play golf with those pencils, erasers, smart phones, and other stuff scattered on your table? Don't you just wish you can have a challenging 18-hole game of golf to stave off the boredom?

If you do, you are not alone. I feel you... and better yet, I have something that will take you a step or two closer to your dream of transforming that cluttered work station and desk of yours into an exciting mini-golf course! Desktop Mini Golf pits you in unorthodox BUT, nonetheless, exciting and fun-filled 18-hole game of golf... and you get to enjoy those without leaving your home or office desk!

Just like most online and flash-based mini golf games out there, Desktop Mini Golf comes with challenges and obstacles you won't find in traditional, wide, and open golf courses out there. If you are used to steering clear of trees, sand traps and bunkers, water, etc. when playing real-life golf, this game would breathe fresh air into your game. What about BlackBerries blocking your way? Or if that's not odd enough for you, what about erasers (smiling erasers to be precise) moving back and forth... making it really hard for you to get a clear shot? And what if there are repulsors (with moving arrows) that will kick your golf ball somewhere you don't want it to?

Sounds like a lot of fun? HELL YEAH it does! And those are the obstacles you will face in Desktop Mini Golf. Oh! By the way, the game is played in a pencil-outlined golf course.

For the uninitiated, the objective of an 18-hole golf game and Desktop Mini Golf is to not just put that ball into the hole, BUT to do it in as few strokes as possible. With the amount of challenges and obstacles you will face, keeping down those strokes will be a tough BUT exciting task. Now, in some stages (like the first stage where there is a path leading to the hole), you may be lucky enough to land a hole in one. BUT as for the others, you can forget it. If you are the sort of golf game player who whacks the ball with sheer power to get hole-in-ones, you may want to move on to another golf game.

On the contrary, if you want to play for precision and plan your swings and ball placement (just like you would in a billiards game), Desktop Mini Golf could bring you hours and hours of fun... depending on how long it would take for you to make your shot.

Anyway, enough with the talk. Set those paper works for now aside for now and enjoy a good game of 18-hole golf with pencils, erasers, iPhones, etc. Oh! One last reminder, don't let your boss catch you. I'm, in no way, responsible for any disciplinary action or spanking you might get. Have fun!