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Disc Golf Instructions

Disc Golf is controlled by using the mouse. Click on the disc and drag in the opposite direction that you want the disc to go. The farther you drag away from the disc, the farther you will throw it. To cancel a throw, move your mouse back over the disc while keeping the mouse button down, then release the button when your cursor is over the disc. You may also select a throw type by clicking on the buttons in the lower-right of the screen. Click and drag the map to look around the course.

Disc Golf Walkthrough

Disc Golf is a Flash golf game based on the sport of the same name. This sports game features great graphics, ambient sounds, and eighteen challenging holes.

The sport of disc golf is an outdoor sport with rules similar to those of traditional golf. The objective of disc golf is to get a throwing disc (also known as Frisbee) into the basket in as few throws as possible. If the disc ends up in the water, a one-throw penalty is added to the player's score, and the throw is taken over, similar to an out of bounds penalty in traditional golf. Disc Golf is a Flash game that follows the rules of its namesake sport.

In Disc Golf, there is no explicit way to win or lose. You are not playing against computer-controlled opponents and there is no multiplayer option. Simply attempt to get your disc into the basket in as few throws as possible.

Throwing your disc is simple in this sports game. To begin a throw, click on the disc and drag your mouse in the opposite direction that you want the disc to go. The farther you drag your mouse from the Frisbee, the harder you will throw it when you release the mouse button. An arrow represents the direction that your throw will travel in, and the arrow will fill depending on how much power you are applying to the throw.

There are four types of throws that you can use in this disc golf game: Flat, Hyzer, Anhyzer, and Putt. The Flat throw is the basic throw and naturally curves slightly to the left (like a righty's sidearm throw). Hyzer and Anhyzer throws are dramatically curved rightwards and leftwards respectively. Finally, the Putt throw type is straight but only has a short range. To select a throw type, simply click on one of the buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen. Remember that all curvatures depend on the direction of the throw; for example, a leftward curve will actually go rightwards if you are throwing towards the bottom of the screen!

Disc Golf is a fun sports game that is a great way to pass some spare time. If you are a fan of Flash golf games, then give Disc Golf a try; you won't be disappointed!