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Online and flash based golf games, like Doyu Golf, are some of the easiest games to play around. There are no finger-twisting or convoluted control schemes. If you have a mouse that is good in shape and working (especially the left click button), you are good to go. Let's have a closer look at the game...

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, Microsoft Golf Version 2.0, Links 2003 - you can check any top 10 list of best PC golf games, and I'm pretty sure you will find these 3 games. It's been designed from the ground up and made for the serious golf games enthusiast who wants nothing BUT the most realistic golf games the market could offer. HOWEVER, what if you are not into serious golf? What if you are looking for lighthearted, fun, and challenging golf games?

Well, look no further - here's Doyu Golf! It's lighthearted; it's fun and easy to play; it's challenging; and best of all, you don't have to spend even a single dime for it! The objective of the game is very simple: there's a ball and there's the hole. You need to get that ball into the whole in as few strokes as possible. While the goal of every hole or round in Doyu Golf is straightforward, getting there, HOWEVER, is not as cut and dried.

How come? Well, think about it, you are in an L-shaped course. Right in the middle of a course is an eatery... a VERY HUGE obstacle if you would ask me. And along the way, your ball will encounter rocks, puddles of water and mud, and those are just to name a few. Not too difficult? Yeah? Oh! I forgot. That's just in the initial stages of the game. The obstacles later on are devilishly difficult!

What do you think of golfing on ice where the ground is extra slippery? Heck! Even at a distance of an inch from the pin and hole, there's a good of missing if you would hit the ball willy-nilly! What about playing golf with moving rafts? Do you think you are good enough to time your shots and make them powerful enough so your ball would cross the moving rafts and get to the other side? Man, that's hard to pull off. Oh! Do you think you are good enough to hit the ball in a way that it will cross through mole hills and humps without any hiccups?

Sounds fun? Well, guess what: the fun is just getting started! With 12 holes to play, this is one of those golf games where the difficulty ramps up really quickly. That's especially true when you step into stages 8 onwards. The number of obstacles, level of difficult, etc. - while this is a fun golf game, it can be very challenging even for veteran golf game lovers. And you could easily end up pulling your hairs out and banging your head on the keyboard if you haven't played one like it.

The controls are very easy, HOWEVER, you only need your mouse and the left in click button in particular. (1) You will start the game off by dropping the ball on any spot within the green rectangle. Do this by pressing the left click button. You can move the ball around using the mouse if you want to, and press the left mouse button when you think you are at an ideal spot. (2) To choose the drive or hit power and the direction of the ball, just move your mouse. You will see arrows, by the way, and this should make it easier for you to predict the ball's direction and your hit's power. The longer the arrows, the stronger you will hit. (3) Once you are all set, just press the left click button again to make the shot.

There's no time limit in this game, by the way. And I highly recommend that you take advantage of that. Unless you want to end up like me, taking as many as 12 strokes in one of the holes, you want to ponder on your shots and visualize as clear as possible where the ball will go or bounce to.

Summing things up, if you are sick and tired of the more serious and realistic golf games out there, if you want something that has a fun and easy ambiance (yet still challenging enough to keep you on your toes), Doyu Golf is a nice game to get started on. Check out the game and have fun!