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Driving Mad Instructions

The controls for Driving Mad are easy just like other golf games out there. No need to use your keyboard, no button-bashing necessary - just have a good and working mouse (especially the left click button) and you are good to go. One click to determine the power of your drive, another click to determine the direction, and VIOLA! Just rinse and repeat until you achieve the game's goal. Let's take a closer look.

Driving Mad Walkthrough

Driving - OK, you may be thinking you can only drive when you have wheels and you are in the front seat... with your hand on the gears and feet on the ignition and brakes. Well, apparently, that's not the case! In golf games and in Driving Mad, in particular, you can drive with a golf club.

Anyway, for those of you who are unfamiliar with driving in golf, here's a simple definition: a drive pertains to the very first stroke one plays from the teeing ground on longer holes. This first stroke is played with a driver (hence the name or term "drive"), and usually, a teed ball is used. Closing the distance is the primary aim of the drive. HOWEVER, in Driving Mad, you should aim not just for distance BUT for accuracy as well.

The goal of the Driving Mad, just like other golfing games, is very straightforward and easy to understand: there's the green with the hole in the middle of it. You are somewhere in the course... somewhere far from it. Your goal is to get a certain number of balls to the green within the time limit. You are given 99 seconds to get 2, 3, 4, 5, or even more balls to the green.

Now, for some of you who hasn't played this golf game, 99 seconds may sound a lot... BUT really, it's not. That's especially true when you reach the levels of the game where you are required to put 6 or more balls to the green. Aiming for the right angle and power of the drive, making the actual drive, watching the teed ball go airborne and land on the green - these could take up precious seconds from your clock. And if you are really unlucky, if you land on a bunker or on water, 5 seconds or more are taken away from your clock!

HOWEVER, there are helpful bonuses in every level that would help make it easier for you to complete the goal within the time limit. There are flying birds that are carrying dart-board like stuff around. When you hit the bull's eye, you get bonus seconds on the clock. The smaller the bird and bull's eye, the more bonus seconds you will gain... BUT that also means hitting these small birds and targets are next to impossible unless you are a laser-accurate golfer.

In any case, these time bonuses could save your life... I remember that in one of the levels, I was able to hit 2 of these birds consecutively just when I only have 5 seconds on the clock. The result? I got to finish the level in the nick of time... and I do mean in the NICK of time as the clock ran out of time (zero seconds) when my score was counted!

Another tip you would want to keep in mind is to always have a look at the top-down mini map located on the left side of your screen. This map will show you an estimate of how far you are from the green... allowing you to more or less make a prediction of how much power your drive needs to have and which direction you should hit. From the mini map, you would also see the bunkers, water, etc. in the course so you could avoid hitting the teed ball towards their direction.

Just like in real life and other realistic golf games out there, the wind direction plays a very important role. To know the wind direction, look at the bottom right corner. You should adjust your drive's power in accordance to the wind's direction. If it's blowing towards the green, toning down the power is necessary... you don't want the ball to go beyond the green spot (as that would mean zero points). On the contrary, if it's blowing against your ball's predicted direction, you may want to hit as hard as you can.

I made many shots that seemed to be just right, just enough to get that ball to the green. BUT thanks to the wind direction, it either fell short or went beyond. In the end, I got nothing for it. The ball sometimes even went to the bunker and water. Don't underestimate the importance of wind direction in this golf game!

Summing things up, you may not learn how to drive in real life by playing Driving Mad. HOWEVER, if you want to play golf BUT just can't (perhaps it's raining outside, your club and driver is deformed beyond recognition, etc.), playing Driving Mad can put some 'golf' and fun to your boring and stale afternoons. Give it a shot, I'm sure you will like it.