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Dumbolf Instructions

As with most golf games out there, the control scheme of Dumbolf is as easy as pie. Control is entirely with your mouse. With a little practice, you will easily get the hang of it: (1) All you need to do is move your mouse until the elephant, or Dumbolf, is facing in the direction you want to swing to. (2) Next, move your mouse forward and backward to control the power of your swing. By the way, use your arrow as your guide. When the arrow is completely filled, that means you are at full power with your swing. (3) Click, or press the left mouse button, to swing. That's about it for the controls. Now let's check out this golf-playing elephant!

Dumbolf Walkthrough

Who would have thought Dumbo has a golf-playing brother? And, man, he's not dumb at all! Dumbolf showcases a club-swinging elephant who needs your help to reach par on every hole in this tricky and highly unusual 18-holes game of golf. (Perhaps, he's not as smart either?)

Trees, sand traps, puddles of water - these are just some of the common things we see at a normal and sanely created golf course. BUT in Dumbolf, you got to kiss those common stuff 'goodbye' and face a whole new set of obstacles, which I'm sure you haven't seen in a golf course before! Warp holes, conveyor belts, kickers, anyone? Yes, and these are just some of the obstacles and challenges in this odd BUT beautiful and stylish golf game.

I'm always in when it comes to good golf games and this one definitely counts as one. It did NOT disappoint. The physics, collision detection, and other important game play implementations took a notch or two ahead of average golf games found in the internet. To make things even MORE challenging and fun, you will face A LOT of tricky situations where gadgets affect play. Sometimes, the outer edges of the game window is considered out of bounds... and you need a lot of precision and patience if you want to hit that ball at the right power and at the right place. As for the design, I got to tip my hats off to this game. The wispy and Wind Walker clouds, the trees, and almost everything else that you in the game very well first the airy theme.

As for the sound, it's short and repetitive. I, personally, find it pleasing and it fits the mood as well as the theme of the game. HOWEVER, if you find it distracting or even annoying, no biggie... you can always press the M button to mute it if you find yourself tired of the music loop.

HOWEVER, that is NOT to say that the game is perfect and without problems. One common issue that I find with online and flash-based golf games is that they rely on the mouse for controls, and Dumbolf is no exception. The use of the mouse for playing is, in itself, not a problem. Matter of fact, it makes the game really easy to play. HOWEVER, when I played the first releases and versions of Dumbolf, there are instances that the ball comes to the very edge of the game window. Now, since the game window is quite limited, the mouse movements all the way to the edge are no longer recognized by the game. Bottom line: you are stuck and can no longer make any meaningful shot!

Matter of fact, there was this bug in Hole 11, which I unfortunately stumbled upon. I was left without a choice BUT to restart the game. But here's some good news: according to the creators of the game, they have already addressed these issues, and the bug on Hole 11 shouldn't be a concern now.

Summing things up, I really enjoyed playing Dumbolf. If you are someone who wants to test your online golf swing's precision, this is a game that will surely keep you glued to your computers and keep you challenged hole after hole after hole. It was reminiscent of a favorite golf game of mine, and that alone is worth it. And come on, let's admit it, it's not every day that we see a golf-playing elephant... not to mention its Dumbo's brother!

If you are someone who enjoys a good game of mini golf, Dumbolf is a must-check-out for you. See how far you and that club-swinging and blue elephant can go in this 18-hole golf game.