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Easter Golf Instructions

Aim and power your shot by moving your cursor around, click once you're satisfied, and click again once the initial shot lines up. Hit the M key at any time to restart any hole; but you're only given 5 restarts over the course of the game. Pick up Easter eggs for bonus points, but be careful, some Easter eggs aren't worth getting.

Easter Golf Walkthrough

Easter Golf is a fun golfing game that's aimed at kids - but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. All in all, there are 18 holes of putt-putt to play through, and if you're looking for a challenge then you've come to the right game - almost every hole in Easter Golf can be made in one shot, and the bonus you'll receive for a hole-in-one is much bigger than picking up every bonus Easter egg in each level.

You'll start each hole by selecting where you want to place your ball - you're only given a small square, but it's still important. After you've placed your ball, move your cursor around to determine your shot. The farther the mouse is away from your rabbit, the stronger your shot will be, and if it's very close, it'll be a shorter shot. Although it should be mentioned that the golf holes in Easter Golf are capable of sinking maximum-powered shots - so don't ever worry about using too much power.

If you ever screw up a hole, and end up hitting your golf ball into some trees or a water hazard, you can simply hit the M key on any hole to restart it - but you're only given 5 restarts over the whole game, so don't get too used to using it. As the levels go on, new hazards, like the water hazard, will get introduced. You'll also have to maneuver around unique obstacles like grass covered in arrows; once your ball has rolled on this kind of grass, it will move in whatever direction the arrows are pointing to.