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Flash Golf 2001 Instructions

Flash Golf 2001 is controlled by using the mouse. Click near the ball to unlock the pointer. Move the mouse to aim your shot, then click again to lock your desired aim. Click and hold the swing button to set the power of your stroke, release to begin the downswing. Click the swing button again to direct your shot and hit the ball. Use the drop-down menu to change clubs. You may also move some items in the interface by clicking and dragging them.

Flash Golf 2001 Walkthrough

Flash Golf 2001 is a top-down Flash golf game. Flash Golf 2001 features simple graphics, announcer voice-overs, and nine challenging holes.

Flash Golf 2001 follows the rules of the sport of golf. Your goal is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. Each of the nine holes in this golf game has a par number of strokes, and it is best to get the ball into the hole in par or less. Par for the entire course of nine holes is thirty-five. Out of bounds in this game is considered to be the region outside of the boundaries of the game's screen. If you hit the ball outside of the screen, you will be penalized one stroke and forced to retake your previous shot.

Of all of the holes featured in Flash Golf 2001, hole number six has to be the most challenging. This hole consists of a green on a small island connected by a tiny strip of land. You can try to land the ball on the green in one stroke, but it will take tremendous accuracy to do this without going out of bounds or into the water. You also have the option of hitting the ball around the edges of the screen until you get to the green, but this will drastically increase your score, and you still run the risk of going out of bounds. My advise to you on this hole is to hit the ball behind the green using your three wood, then chipping on and putting. It's better to get a bogey here than hit twenty over on a single hole!

Flash Golf 2001 s relatively realistic as Flash golf games go, but there are a few realism issues. Firstly, there is no wind to bear with in this golf game. Secondly, when your shot goes into the water, you do not have the option of dropping the ball behind the water hazard; instead, you will have to take your previous shot over with a one-stroke penalty, similar to an out-of-bounds penalty. Finally, you can use the putter to get out of sand traps. Although this is possible, it is highly unlikely to be done in the real sport of golf with the same ease as in this game. At least this golf game doesn't allow you to use clubs other than the putter on the green!

Flash Golf 2001 is a golf game that fans of the sport will enjoy. Of course, nothing beats a real day on the links, but Flash Golf 2001 is a close alternative if you can't make it out to the course!