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Flop Shot Minigolf Instructions

The controls of Flop Shot Mini Golf are very easy to pick and get a hang of. Just like most golf games out there, this game relies entirely on the mouse. To start off a game in Flop Shot Mini golf, you need to click inside the circle around the ball to aim your swing or shot. The ball's trajectory will be indicated by a white line within the circle, so that should make it easier for you to favorably bounce the ball. After your first click, the power meter will be shown and its indicator will move up and down. You should time your next left click to get the right power for your swing. After your second click, you will hit the ball... and hopefully, it goes where you want it to go. That's just about everything you need to know about the control scheme. Now let's get onto the game!

Flop Shot Minigolf Walkthrough

Your average sized golf course can be consisted of a series of holes - some 9, some 18, others have 27, while some have as much as 36 holes! It has a teeing ground, a fairway, rough, as well as other hazards like sand traps, water, bunkers, trees all over the place, and those are just to name a few. In simpler terms, to play golf, you need to have a wide and open place, RIGHT?

WRONG! Not when you have Flop Shot Mini Golf on your computer! This game shows that a mini golf game can be just as interesting and challenging as your traditional 9 or 18-holers. This game once more brings back a minimalistic mini golf course that will keep you playing for hours to come. And beefed up with funny collision detection implementations and backed up with physics, it's easy to find yourself spending hours and hours playing Flop Shot Mini Golf.

The objective of Flop Shot isn't really new... and it's just like other golf games out there. You are in a 9-holes course (although, a very unorthodox one as you will see). For every hole, you need to hit the ball and get it to the hole using the control scheme I have outlined above. The idea here is to get the lowest score... spend as few strokes as possible to complete the whole challenge. The question in this game is NOT "Can you complete the 9-holes challenge?"... Rather the question is: "How many shots will it take for you to complete this mini golf game?"

If you are wondering what exactly awaits you in this online and flash based mini golf game, let's take a look...

In your normal and traditional golf course, you will face hazards like sand traps, trees, bunkers, water puddles, and other spots that golfers steer clear from like plague. In Flop Shot Mini Golf, you will face none of those. HOWEVER, you will be playing in a maze, and this brings a host of new challenges and obstacles. Now, for those golf games experts who are used to landing hole-in-ones, I don't mean to burst your bubble BUT it's almost impossible in this game.

Nah, you're not playing some ultra-realistic golf game here. Heck! You may even find yourself struggling to make Par if you're new to this kind of golf games. BUT hey, that just makes the game even more challenging and fun.

There are no drives here to... or at least, not the usual drives we came to know. In traditional golf, your first shot on that teed ball is called the drive. It's about getting the ball as close as possible to the pin or hole. And prioritizing distance works really well in an average golf course, one that is wide and open. BUT hey! This is NOT an average golf course. Filled with obstacles, irregularly shaped tracks and courses, most of your shots, right from start to finish, should prioritize accuracy.

In conclusion, Flop Shot Mini Golf is not one of your uber-realistic golf games out there. It's a far cry from the likes of Tiger Woods PGA Tour series, Links series, and company. This is a mini golf game that will test your accuracy as well as control of the ball and power. If you think you are up to the task, give the game a shot. Let's see how many or few strokes you would need to finish this 9-holer.