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Flop Shot Minigolf 2 Instructions

If you have played Flop Shot Mini Golf or other flash-based golf games found in the internet, the control scheme of Flop Shot Mini Golf 2 shouldn't be too surprising for you. The game is played entirely with your mouse (so you can play with your right while doing something else with your other hand). To get a game Flop Shot Mini Golf 2 started, you need to click somewhere within the circle where your golf ball is at. Remember, this first click will determine where your ball will be hit and, as a result, where it will go. If that sounds too complicated for you, don't worry. There's a white line that will indicate your ball's probable trajectory. After your first click, the power bar will be brought up... the indicator will move up and down. It takes some practice and A LOT of timing to get the right power for your swing, which you think is just about right to get the ball where you want it to. It's very much like playing billiards, in my opinion. Once you make your second click, your ball will automatically be hit, and off it goes. Now that we are done with the control scheme, let's take a closer look at the game...

Flop Shot Minigolf 2 Walkthrough

Don't you find the traditional golf games boring sometimes? I mean, when you watch golf on ESPN, it's always played on a wide and open golf course filled with green, trees, pins, sand traps, water, and of course, fans who are watching their golf superstars from afar. Ever wished you could put a nice twist to your traditional golf games, and perhaps play it somewhere no man has ever dared to?

If that sounds like a LOT of fun to you, then Flop Shot Mini Golf 2 will take you a step or a notch closer to that dream. A sequel to the game of the same name, Flop Shot Mini Golf 2 showcases a 9-hole mini golf game that is played not on a golf course, BUT on outer space! How's that for defying conformity and tradition?! I'm sure fans of the original Flop Shot golf games will love the fact that this sequel comes with all of the niceties that the original game has PLUS a whole lot more.

Just like the first Flop Shot mini golf game, the obstacles in this sequel is anything BUT orthodox or usual. You are playing not in a wide and open space... BUT on a constricted golf course that looks more like a maze or a labyrinth. There are a lot of long and winding paths, twists, turns, and those are just to name a few.

This could be bad news for those 'lucky' golf game enthusiasts who are used to whacking that teed ball on full power, and landing a hole-in-one every now and then. Believe me, no matter how much luck you have, with the way the course (or should I call it track as it looks more like one) is designed, no matter how many lucky charms you are wearing at the moment, you just won't get that hole-in-one... PERIOD! I'd go as far as saying it would take divine intervention to take a hole with one stroke.

HOWEVER, if you are a 'real' golf game lover who doesn't rely much on luck... BUT prefers to make precise and well-thought strokes to win the game, then you will LOVE Flop Shot Mini Golf 2! Trust me, you are going to need a lot of thinking (about the angle and power of your shots) and good timing plus clicking (especially for the power meter) if you want to make Par or fare better in this mini golf game.

And to take the challenge a step up from the original game, Flop Shot 2 comes with brand spanking new obstacles you won't find in today's golf courses... at least, in earth-based golf courses.

What do you think of making the near-perfect stroke... getting the ball really closed to the hole only for it to be zapped by a laser? What about your ball passing through a repulsive magnet that sets you back A LOT... taking your ball somewhere in the course where it's hard to make a sensible shot? Yes, folks, Flop Shot 2 comes with deadly and zapping lasers, annoying and repulsive magnets, PLUS a new host of devious and high-tech traps!

So what on earth are you waiting for? If you think no golf game can stop you from your winning streak, try one that came from the outer space!