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Gem Golf Instructions

Move your cursor around the robot to aim and measure the power of your shot - click to shoot and try to bounce shots off of the walls in the game - it'll help a lot more than you think. Get bonus points for hitting gems, red gems being worth the highest amount of points.

Gem Golf Walkthrough

Gem Golf is a relatively simple online golfing game - there are only a few things you need to keep in mind while you're playing, and if you do get a hang of the aiming system, there are quite a few hole-in-ones you can make over the course of 12 holes.

Starting out, it's important to note that while the name of the game is Gem Golf, picking up gems still isn't the main objective of the game. The game itself will even tell you that it's a better idea to go for a low number of strokes instead of picking up gems. But, if you do try to pick up any gems at all, make sure you go for the red ones - they're worth the most coming in at 25 points each, but a hole-in-one is still worth 100 points alone - so go for that whenever possible.

You're controlling a robot in Gem Golf, and the aiming system it uses is quite simple. You can make shots stronger by moving your mouse further away, or you can make shorter shots by keep your mouse close to the robot.

As the game goes on, it's easier to try and bank shots off of the side of the screen. But you'll have to be careful whenever you attempt this - even a fully-powered shot can only bounce so far when it hits the side of the screen, but if you want to go for a hole-in-one, it's your best bet.

All in all, Gem Golf is a surprisingly fun and relaxing golfing game; with 12 holes to shoot through, and tons of bonus points to pick up, you'll be busy enough trying to make as many hole-in-ones as you can.