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Golf Master 3D Instructions

Choose the direction of your swing by clicking arrows above the player with the left mouse button. Choose the power of your swing by clicking and holding 'strike' with the left mouse button. Swing by releasing the left mouse button.

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Golf Master 3D is an addictive and engrossing 3D golf game that will grab your attention from the first hole and hold it all the way through the end of the eighteenth. While many of the other golf games online become stale or boring after a few holes, the combination of unique style holes and classic style holes keeps the game fresh and exciting the hole way through. The basic premise of the game is pretty standard in the world of online golf games. You simply want to complete all eighteen holes with the fewest number of strokes possible. Whether or not you're able to get a good score depends not only on your skill level when you begin playing, but also how much patience you have to give yourself a chance to improve. This is a game even newcomers can master as long as they don't let frustration get the better of them and give up. It isn't an easy game, but it is one that's well worth giving a shot and sticking with. In time, you'll improve and have a chance at getting a great score.

Like most golf games online, there is a par for each hole in Golf Master 3D and your basic goal at the beginning of each new hole is to complete it either at or under par. For newcomers to the world of golf games, though, this one might feel a little overwhelming in the beginning as there is a lot of information you need to consider before you make your shot if you want to get at least par. You not only have to choose the direction and power of your swing like you would in some of the more basic golf games online, but you also need to choose the right club (shown at the bottom of the game screen) and pay attention to the wind (shown at the top right of the game screen). The club you choose will affect how your shot goes. For example, if you've only a short distance to the hole, you're going to want to use a putter. For longer distance shots, like trying to get your ball to the green from the tee off point, you're going to want to use a driver. The great thing about this game is that you aren't expected to automatically know what club will work best. If you aren't sure, click on the club name at the bottom of the screen. A list will pop up of all the available clubs with what shot they are best used for beside them. Generally speaking, you'll mostly be using your driver and your putter, but it's a good idea to know what other clubs are available if the driver or putter doesn't seem to be the right fit for the task at hand. The wind strength and direction will affect your ball in the air so pay attention to the wind and adjust your shot accordingly.

On the right side of the screen in Golf Master 3D you have a diagram of the course you're playing on. Your position is indicated by a triangle while the position of the hole is indicated by a white dot. Use this diagram to determine the best way to get your ball to the green when you start out on a new hole. This is important because you often won't be able to see the hole when you begin playing and will need to know not only what direction to hit the ball in or how hard to hit the ball, but also what obstacles stand between you and the hole. For example, if there are trees between you and the hole, you want to avoid hitting those trees and ruining your shot. Aim to either the right or left of the trees depending on which direction would put you in the best position for taking a shot at the hole. Keep an eye on what par is for the course (shown at the center of the top of the game screen). Sometimes it's worth playing it safe and taking a few extra shots if it sets you up well for the hole. Other times, when par is relatively low or you're close to par you have to try for the riskier shots. It can backfire, but it can also pay off.

Overall, Golf Master 3D is a difficult golf game that requires a lot of patience and skill if you want to do well. More experienced golf game players will probably find the bulk of this game fairly easy, but the game will still be challenging enough to hold their interest. Newcomers are going to have problems with this one in the beginning but if they stick with it, they'll be able to improve. As with many of the other golf games online, frustration is the player's greatest enemy. As long as you stick with it and give yourself time to improve your skills, you should be able to finish each course under par. If you're a fan of golf games and are looking for something a little more involved than the standard game in the genre, this is a game you definitely can't miss.