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Golfman Instructions

Point and click anywhere on the screen, select the angle of your shot by moving your mouse around, and drag your mouse back for a more powerful shot. You'll need to use lower angles for longer distances, but higher angles to get your golf ball over trees and other objects.

Golfman Walkthrough

Golfman is a quick and easy version of a full, 18-hole golfing game. In it, you won't have to deal with tons of different clubs - just one; and you won't have to deal with putting either, just getting the ball in the hole will do. There are even quite a few holes where getting a hole-in-one is possible, if you take your time.

Starting out, you'll see that the only thing that really matters in this golfing game is the kind of shot you take. So it's important to get used to the controls quickly, especially if you want to do well on every hole in the course. Making your shot is relatively, and you'll have to wait until the ball stops moving before you can take another. Each time you shoot your ball into a water hazard, you'll add another stroke to your score and your next shot will be from where your last was.

As the holes go on, you'll come across even more obstacles like trees and water hazards, and instead of trying for a hole-in-one, you should really focus on just getting your ball across to the pin itself. Once you do, putting is a breeze - just take a low-angled shot with minimal power, and you'll be able to roll the ball in quite easily.

Besides a full 18-hole course, you'll be able to unlock trophies and achievement medals if you're good enough. So take your time and actually try to unlock some of them in this great, quick, and easy golfing game.