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Golphysics Instructions

Click on and move your mouse around the golf ball to aim and power your shot - release once you're satisfied with it. Green walls and floors are bouncy, orange walls and floors are very bouncy, and pink walls and floors are barely bouncy at all. In later levels, white backgrounds with arrows pointing up will reverse the gravity of your ball; black backgrounds give your golf ball a normal gravity. Use the arrow keys to scroll the map and your mouse wheel to zoom in an out of a hole (or just use the slider on the bottom-right portion of the screen).

Golphysics Walkthrough

Golphysics is not your everyday golfing game - instead of trying to get something in a par 4 hole, you'll be playing on par 7 and par 8 holes - because they get that difficult. You'll have to deal with shooting your ball straight up, ricocheting and bouncing it, reversing its gravity, and then finally making it into the hole.

At the beginning of the game, you'll have the option of playing the full 18, the front 9 holes, the back 9 holes, or the practice hole. If you're new to the game, you should try out the practice hole - you'll learn the tenets of the game, and you won't be so surprised later. Well, maybe not.

Instead of having a hole at the end of each level, you only have to shoot your golf ball into a small, white section of a wall - it's very noticeable, and it's easier to get in than any golf hole would be. But, it's the journey that makes this game difficult; not the destination.

If you liked the front nine, then try out the back nine; and if you liked them both - then try playing through the full 18-hole course. You may just give up after only a few holes, or you may find out that Golphysics is your new favorite golfing game.