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Graveyard Golf Instructions

At the beginning of every hole, pick a spot to place your golf ball. Use your mouse and cursor to aim and gauge the power of your golf shot, and click to make the shot. Critters and skulls can get in your way, as well as sand and water traps, so take your time.

Graveyard Golf Walkthrough

More than your average online golf game, Graveyard Golf can have up to four players taking turns, shooting the golf ball with a bony-leg instead of a club, and giving a decent challenge to anyone who likes putt-putt golf. There are 18 holes to golf through, most being 2 par holes with a few 3 par holes thrown in from time to time.

If you're playing with more than one player, you'll take turns making shots, but if you're playing solo, the game will move along much quicker. After picking the color of your ball, and typing in your name, you'll start out on the first hole. There are a few things you have to look out while you're playing Graveyard Golf, though, like spiders - although the game won't give you a stroke penalty if you hit one, the spider will cause your golf ball to go any which way and that can mess up your score. Or, sometimes, it can move your golf ball closer to the pin.

The physics of your golf ball, and the power of the shots you can take in Graveyard Golf aren't conservative by any means - if you're aiming to take a powerful shot, the golf ball will probably move more than you expect it to. Making shorter, more concise shots is probably a better idea.

As the levels go on, you'll encounter more critters, skulls and bones that will get in the way of your shots, and even more difficult objects and walls to reflect your golf ball off of. With a scorecard appearing after every hole, you'll be able to see just how well (or bad) you're doing in this undead golf game - and even after you've finished your first game, you'll probably come back for another.