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Gravitee Instructions

Drag and click your mouse to aim and shoot in this intergalactic golf game - depending on where the aiming system is pointing, and what planets are near your golf ball, you may either get a hole in one, or a stray golf ball that won't come back. Click on the 'Abort Shot' button if you're tired of waiting for that stray golf ball.

Gravitee Walkthrough

Gravitee is a golfing game with a very unique twist - it's in outer space and it's interplanetary. Meaning, you'll have to shoot your golf ball from planet to planet, trying to make it through the planetary ring found on each course. With a ton of different courses to choose from, and the insane difficulty each course offers, Gravitee isn't an online game you just play once - even if it's just a golf game. There are tons of awards and rewards to unlock, so there's always something to come back to.

Besides trying to avoid other planets, the goal of each hole is to try and get your interplanetary golf ball to sail through the loop located on another planet (the game will point out this loop at the beginning of the hole). Since there are other planets located on the course, you'll have to avoid them, unless you want your ball to get sucked into their gravity, completely messing up your shot. Depending on the size of other planets, there may only be a tiny chance of this happening, or you may have to arrange your shot to avoid the planet completely.

With this interesting twist, besides the fact that there's a ton of stuff to unlock, Gravitee is a great online golfing game that anyone can enjoy. If you haven't gotten all of the rewards yet, the game automatically saves your progress, so you can come back to it later. With all the courses this game offers, anyways, you'll need a lot of time to complete it.