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Gravitee 2 Instructions

Point and click your mouse to aim and take shots - the shot preview line will take gravity into account. Depending on the goal of each level, you'll have to either collect or pick up objects, shoot your golf ball through a planetary ring, or score as many points as possible. There's a menu accessible at the bottom of the screen, when highlighted - click the 'abort shot' button when you want to cancel a shot you've taken - click this to avoid waiting for stray balls to go out of bounds.

Gravitee 2 Walkthrough

Gravitee 2 is a great golf game and a fantastic sequel: almost everything that was present in the first game is back and better than ever, not to mention a whole bunch of new features. For starters, there's not only a ton of levels you have to unlock and play, but a ton of awards that, if achieved, will reward you with unlockables. These range from increasing the length of your shot preview line to unlocking a level editor. The more awards you achieve, the better.

But, starting out, Gravitee 2 can be a lot to take in. There are at least five different modes of gameplay, depending on which level you're on - these objectives can range from simply making your golf ball go through a hoop to gathering bonus materials. These make each level unique and break up the pace of any regular golfing game, making each level something to look forward too.

The aiming, physics, and overall control of the game are superb, too. Where the first Gravitee may have been a little difficult to control, with some time to get used to them, the controls of Gravitee 2 are exactly what you need to complete the crazy objectives thrown at you.

Overall, this is one online golfing game you won't want to miss - with tons of different gameplay modes to unlock, numerous objectives and difficult levels that you'll traverse through, Gravitee 2 is one flash game that saves your progress with good reason.