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Island Mini Golf Instructions

Island Mini Golf is controlled by using the mouse. At the beginning of each hole, click to place the ball on . To hit the ball, click the ball and drag around it to set your power and aim. Release the mouse button to hit the ball.

Island Mini Golf Walkthrough

Island Mini Golf is a miniature golf game presented by TBS. Island Mini Golf may be played alone or with up to four players and features smooth graphics, catchy tropical music, and eighteen holes that will test your putting skills!

The goal in Island Mini Golf is to putt the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. If you decide to play this mini golf game with friends, then you must also try to score lower than them. Island Mini Golf allows you to play the front nine, the back nine, or all eighteen holes. If you do not have much time to spare, I advise playing nine holes rather than the full eighteen. The front nine holes are good to get a taste of what this putting game has to offer, while the back nine present more of a challenge.

Island Mini Golf is the forerunner to Office Mini Golf, and features similar controls. Before your first stroke, you must choose from one of three starting positions on the tee mat. Choose carefully, because your first stroke may determine the outcome of the hole. To hit the ball in this golf game, simply click on the ball and drag in the opposite direction that you want the ball to go. The further you drag your mouse, the harder you will hit the ball. Release the mouse button to hit the ball. Clicking and dragging represents your backswing, while releasing the mouse button represents your foreswing.

Island Mini Golf is easier than the later Office Mini Golf, but it is also more error-prone. The next stroke cannot be taken until the ball stops moving, and if the ball gets stuck on an obstacle, it could be considered to be in perpetual motion, so you will never be able to take your next stroke. If this happens, there is no other solution but to refresh your browser and restart the game.

Island Mini Golf is a fun putt-putt game that can be played alone or with friends. If you have played Office Mini Golf and want to see where this miniature golf game series first started, then give Island Mini Golf a try!