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LL Golf Instructions

Click anywhere on the orange square to place your golf ball at the beginning of the hole. Simply move your mouse around the golf ball to aim the angle of your shot - the distance between your cursor and golf ball will determine the power of your shot.

LL Golf Walkthrough

LL Golf is one of the more simple online golfing games you'll come across. For starters, it's a putt-putt golf game and it only consists of 9 holes - you won't have to worry about what club you're using, or how many strokes you'll need to make par - but you do have to keep a low shot count. What matters is the fact that this putt-putt golf game is one that's easy to pick up, and if you're looking to have fun, LL Golf is the way to go.

With only 9 holes to golf through, the game ramps up the difficulty pretty early on. You'll come across various obstacles that you've seen before in other games, but LL Golf really emphasizes angling your shots perfectly, and making sure that they bounce and ricochet into the hole. If you're not good at that, or making a trick shot, you will be after you've played this game a few times.

One thing in particular that stands out in LL Golf are the physics of the game. Making a full-powered shot will really get the ball moving - and it won't stop so easily. That's why you have to gauge the power of each and every shot you're taking carefully, otherwise once the golf ball stays once you've gotten it where you want to go. If you make a shot that's way too powerful, the golf ball will come rolling right back at you.

Overall, LL Golf is a simple putt-putt golfing game with 9-holes - there's not much else you could ask for, and if you're looking for something more complex - go find it. This game is fun, pure and simple - and if you can angle your golf shots perfectly, you'll do just fine.