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Mini Golf 99 Holes Instructions

Aim your shot using the left and right arrow keys. Build the power of your shot by pressing and holding the left mouse button, 'enter' or 'space'. Take your swing by releasing the button.

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Mini Golf 99 Holes is an entertaining and surprisingly addictive online golf game that challenges you to get the ball into the hole using the fewest possible shots. Your score depends entirely on how many shots it takes you to putt the ball into the hole so if you want to get a good score, you need to have fairly decent putting skills. This game isn't like most of the other golf games online. There is no par you have to meet for every hole. Instead, there is a set score system rewarding you based on how many strokes it takes you to get the ball in the hole. You don't have to drive the ball to get it to the green as you would in most other golf games either. This one is all about putting. That's what makes it so unique and also what makes it so much fun. With excellent graphics and truly challenging holes, this is a game that's going to keep you playing.

The score you get in Mini Golf 99 Holes can be broken down pretty easily. Make the shot in one stroke and you get 1,000 points. You get 800 points for two strokes, 600 points for three strokes, 500 points for four strokes, 400 points for five strokes, 300 points for six strokes, 200 points for seven strokes, 100 points for eight strokes, 50 points for nine strokes and a whole lot of nothing for ten or more strokes. With that said, the importance of getting that ball in the hole using the smallest number of shots is pretty obvious if you want a high score. The are ways to make up a poor score, though. Unlike most of the other golf games online, this one offers token you can collect to increase your score. Tokens are a great addition to the game for newcomers having a hard time getting a decent score with shots alone and for experienced players looking to boost an already impressive score. Tokens are spread throughout the course in each level but getting them will often require a bit of skill. Go for the tokens as often as you can, but don't focus on them entirely. If you're going to cost yourself several strokes to try to retrieve a token, the trade off just isn't worth it.

The key to doing well in Mini Golf 99 Holes is to keep your frustration at bay. This can be a difficult game, especially as you progress to later levels. Frustration will make you careless and carelessness will make you miss shots. If you want to get a good score, you need to hit the shots as accurately as possible, so try to remember that you need to have a little patience. There is no time limit on these holes so take your time to look at your options. As you progress, new obstacles will be introduced. Look at those obstacles and see where they're placed. Figure out what you need to do to get around those obstacles. Figure out what angle you need to use and how much power you need behind your swing before you even take your first shot. Things won't always go the way you plan, but if you take the time to at least try to figure things out first, you'll have a much better chance at doing well in the game.

Overall, Mini Golf 99 Holes is one of the best golf games online simply because it combines difficult challenges with great graphics and easy to understand controls. This is a game anyone can master with enough time and patience - regardless of their skill or experience level with online golf games. Newcomers to the genre are likely going to find the later courses a bit too challenging, but more experienced players are going to love the increased difficulty level. Complete all nine holes and then try again to get a better score. Patience is your friend in this game and with enough patience, anyone can get great at this game. If you're a fan of online golf games, you need to give this one a try.