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Mini Putt 3 Instructions

Mini Putt 3 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to position your first putt from the "tee box". Move your mouse to aim and power your stroke. Click to putt.

Mini Putt 3 Walkthrough

Mini Putt 3 is the third game in the Mini Putt series of miniature golf games. Mini Putt 3 features vastly improved graphics over its predecessors, hot-seat multiplayer with up to four players, and a brand new course that will test your skills!

The objective of Mini Putt 3 is to get your ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. If you choose to play with friends in this golf game, your objective will also be to have a lower score than the other players at the end of the round. The game will end when all eighteen holes of a course have been completed.

If you have played previous games in the Mini Putt series, then the controls of Mini Putt 3 will be easy for you to figure out because nothing has changed. Before your first stroke, you must place your ball in the shaded box (if you are playing the classic course) or behind the white line (if you are playing Jurassic Putt). Your starting position may have a major effect on your performance in this miniature golf game, so place the ball wisely. Once the ball has been placed, you cannot pick it up and place it elsewhere.

The putting controls of Mini Putt 3 are the same as they were in previous iterations of the series. Move your mouse to aim and power your stroke and click the left mouse button to hit the ball. The ball will travel in the opposite direction of the the angle from the ball to the mouse. The further your mouse is from the ball, the harder you will hit the ball. Moving your mouse can be imagined as your backswing in this golf game, while clicking represents your foreswing.

Mini Putt 3 features two courses: Mini Putt Classic and Jurassic Putt. The classic course is the exact same course from the first Mini Putt game, but with better graphics and the ability to play with multiple players. Jurassic Putt is a dinosaur-themed course that presents a major challenge! If you are new to this miniature golf game, I advise you not to start out on the Jurassic Putt course!

Mini Putt 3 is a solid putting game and a vast improvement over its predecessors. If you're ready for thirty-six challenging holes, then Mini Putt 3 is just the mini golf game for you!