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Ninja Golf Instructions

Ninja Golf is controlled by using the keyboard. When golfing, use the left and right arrow keys to aim and the spacebar to hit the ball. When fighting, use the left and right arrow keys to move, the spacebar to jump, the A key to kick, and the S key to throw shuriken.

Ninja Golf Walkthrough

Ninja Golf was developed by BlueSky Software and released in 1990 for the Atari 7800. The game was revolutionary for its time since it combines the sport of golf with the gameplay of a beat'em up game. Ninja Golf is also the basis of inspiration for the PS2 game, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, a few jokes in classic gaming circles, and of course, this Flash remake of the game.

The objective of Ninja Golf is to survive through nine grueling holes to become a master of ninjitsu. Maybe this golf tournament is the "Ninja Masters"? (I'll try to avoid making bad jokes from here on, I promise). Like the real sport of golf, you will have to hit the ball from tee-to-green to get it into the hole. Holes do not have pars and there are no penlites for landing in hazards; instead, you will have to run to your ball between strokes, fighting enemy ninjas, deadly mutant wildlife, and more. Once you reach the green, you will face off against a fierce dragon rather then putting. Once the dragon is defeated you will advance to the next hole.

This Flash remake of Ninja Golf takes full advantage of modern technology instead of using copies of the sprites and sounds of the original. The graphics are done in a cartoonish style and sounds (including voice-overs, sounds ripped from Quake and a remix of the boss battle them from Sonic the Hedgehog) are used instead of beeps. This may upset purists that want to play the original, but ROMs are available for that audience. In terms of gameplay, this Flash version of the golf game stays true to the original, including difficulty. You are only given three lives at the start of the game, and you must finish all nine holes using only these three lives. If you are lucky, you may find potions to restore some of your health, but you do not regain health or lives automatically between holes in this golf game. There is also no save system, so you will have to start from the beginning if you lose all of your lives.

This Flash version of Ninja Golf pays homage to the original while utilizing new technologies to create a more aesthetic gaming experience. Whether this is your first time hearing about the game or you are a fan of the original, Ninja Golf is a combination of action game and golf game that you will have fun with!