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Paper Golf II EX Instructions

Click on your golf ball to make the screen go blank, and while it's blank, trace your way towards the hole with your mouse. Avoid trees, or you'll get a stroke penalty - and the only way to make it across water hazards is to trace straight across them.

Paper Golf II EX Walkthrough

Paper Golf II EX is a game with six different courses, each containing nine holes - these courses range in difficulty, from easy to extremely difficult, so if you're looking for something to pick up and play - and really challenge yourself, this would be that game.

A sequel of Paper Golf, Paper Golf II EX does everything the first game did, but better. In it, the gameplay remains the same - you'll have to memorize the course you're on, click on your golf ball, and when the screen goes blank you'll have to trace your way to the hole. Since most holes are either a par 2 or par 3, you'll have a few tries to get it right, but since you can't even see your cursor while you're tracing, the game gets difficult quickly.

So you may want to start out with the easy course first. It may seem impossible, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have almost no problem tracing your way across water hazards, around trees, and straight into the hole. While it is difficult to get the hang of at first, you'll be getting a hole in one in no time, unless you run into some trees - but that's only a one-stroke penalty.

As said before, Paper Golf II EX does everything the first game did, but better. It's fun to play, the harder courses are great if you're bored (since they'll take forever to complete), and the game itself is a fun challenge. Overall, this is one great golfing game with a fantastic premise.