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Penguin With Bow Golf Instructions

Penguin With Bow Golf is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Click and drag the penguin to shoot. Use the arrow keys to move the camera and looking around the stage.

Penguin With Bow Golf Walkthrough

Penguin With Bow Golf is a puzzle game containing both physics game and golf game elements. Penguin With Bow Golf features upbeat music, simple graphics, and challenging gameplay.

Your goal in Penguin With Bow Golf is to get your penguin from his chilly home in Antarctica to the warm climate of the Bahamas. In order to do this you must use your trusty bow and arrow to get from the beginning of each hole to the red target at the end. The fewer arrow shots you take to get to the target, the better your score will be in this puzzle game. There are three courses to complete, and your records are automatically saved as you progress. You may also play individual holes if you have beaten the prior course.

Penguin With Bow Golf is simple to control. Click on your penguin to initiate a shot. Drag your mouse to aim and power your shot. The arrow will fly in the direction opposite of your mouse cursor. The farther your mouse cursor is from your penguin when you release the mouse button, the stronger your shot will be. Your penguin is tied to the arrow, and will follow the arrow when it is released. You may also shoot your arrow when you are in midair. Shooting while airborne is a great way to attain more height or avoid falling into the water, but this action still counts as a stroke in this golf game.

As is the case in the game of golf, you will want to avoid falling into the water in Penguin With Bow Golf. You will not receive a hazard penalty in this golf game, but you will be taken to the very beginning of the level with all of your previous strokes still applied to your score. To avoid falling into the water, it may be helpful to shoot your arrow into the air before your penguin becomes fully submerged. This will cost you one stroke per shot, but it may be a better alternative than starting from the beginning of the level.

Penguin With Bow Golf is a fun and challenging puzzle game. If you were expecting a real golf game with driving, chipping, and putting, then Penguin With Bow Golf is not for you, but if you enjoy a physics game that implements some of the basic rules of golf, then you may enjoy Penguin With Bow Golf.