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Pirate Golf Adventure Instructions

Use the WASD keys to scroll around the screen and look around the course you're on. Your cursor and left mouse button will aim and power your shots - try to make it in the hole before ten shots to get a large bonus on each course. Pressing the ESC key will pause the game at anytime.

Pirate Golf Adventure Walkthrough

Pirate Golf Adventure may be the first game of its kind - an online, 2D golfing game with a linear story. In it, you'll find yourself wrapped up in a quest to help a pirate captain. While you'll still have to make the golf ball into a hole at the end of every level, there's a reason why you're trying to make it in - the first level being a means to get on a pirate ship, with the goal of the second level being to escape the same ship. As the game goes on, you'll span the story across 8 holes of golf, and in each you'll find unique challenges and obstacles.

And it's quite fun - since the game is 2D, you won't have to worry about things like wind direction, but you'll still have to worry about aiming - it's just as important as ever. And since taking a shot only requires the click of a mouse, you can make shots while the ball is still in mid-air. Actually, in later levels, you'll pretty much have to if you want to move on.

Completing any level in Pirate Golf Adventure in less than ten shots will give you a huge bonus - and since the game keeps score not by strokes, but by how many points you're scoring on each hole, you should go after the largest possible bonus.

All in all, Pirate Golf Adventure is a welcome change to an otherwise plain genre of gaming - if that's what you're looking for, this is the golfing game for you. With a bunch of different levels, each providing a unique challenge that you won't find in the next, this is one game you'll stick with for quite a while.