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Pitch N' Putt Golf Instructions

Pitch N' Putt Golf is controlled by using the keyboard. Press spacebar once to start the power bar, a second time to stop the power bar and set your shot's power, and a third time to set the loft and hit the ball. The arrow keys are used to look around the course.

Pitch N' Putt Golf Walkthrough

Pitch N' Putt Golf is a challenging golf game that is based on the sport of pitch and putt. Pitch N' Putt Golf features smooth graphics, an easy-to-learn control scheme, and nine holes that range in difficulty from simple to extremely challenging!

Pitch N' Putt Golf follows the rules of pitch and putt, which are in turn similar to those of golf. The main differences between pitch and putt (and this Flash golf game based on it) is the length of holes, which are much shorter on average in pitch and putt, and the fact that in pitch and putt a player can only carry three clubs rather than a full bag of fourteen. Your objective is still to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible. You should try to get the ball into the hole in the par number of strokes or less on each of the nine holes.

Pitch N' Putt Golf features a simple control scheme that uses only the spacebar to control your swing. Press the spacebar once to start the power meter (displayed adjacent to your golfer). Pressing the spacebar again stops the power bar. You will have to press the spacebar one final time to control the downswing and direction of your stroke. Stopping the bar dead-center on the white line at the bottom of the gauge will balance loft and distance. Stopping the bar early will give a high loft and backspin, while stopping it later will hit the ball with a shallow loft that will cause a greater forward roll and more distance. It should be noted that if you allow the bar to reach either of its limits, you will not have to press the spacebar to stop it in that direction, but your stroke may have results that are less-than-desirable.

You may also use the arrow keys to look around the hole in this golf game. I advise you to do this before each stroke (especially your first stroke) so that you can plan your shot carefully. Knowing the contours of the hole and using them in your favor will increase your chances of success in this golf game and improve your score.

Pitch N' Putt Golf is a challenging golf game (technically, pitch and putt game) with beautiful graphics and simple controls, making it ideal for gamers of all skill levels and ages. If you are looking for a relaxing sports game to pass the time, Pitch N' Putt Golf is just the game for you!