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Platform Golf Instructions

To aim your shot, move your cursor further away from the aiming tool to give it more power - after you've decided on the power and angle, click with the left mouse button to "knock" the ball. With the overall goal of the game being to complete each hole in the least amount of knocks possible, and no par on any hole, you're playing for fun.

Platform Golf Walkthrough

Platform Golf is a game that's fun for people who play online golfing games, while being a nightmare to someone who plays golf in real-life. In this full, 18-hole course of a golfing game, you'll have to deal with things normal golfers would never, ever see - but you won't have to worry about a lot of things like wind direction, par, and the hole you end up getting the golf ball in is quite large - the rest of the game is vastly difficult.

You'll start each level of Platform Golf aiming the golf ball. Instead of clicking on the ball itself, and aiming with your mouse, an aiming tool will automatically show up once the ball has stopped moving (or at the beginning of a hole). This tool makes aiming and measuring power pretty simple, and it will give you a good idea of where the golf ball is going to go - and that's something you really need to keep in mind when playing.

Each hole consists of a bunch of different platforms. You'll have to work your way up each and every hill and gap if you want to eventually make the ball in the hole, so it's a good idea to stop thinking about making hole-in-one shots right at the start of the game.

Overall, Platform Golf is a fairly difficult golfing game that's only for seasoned vets of the genre - if you start playing it right away and think you're going to do fantastic - think again.