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Powergolf Instructions

Point and click on the golf ball to bring up your shot gauge - depending on how you aim, and how much power you give, you can either make a very small shot or a humungous shot. Click and drag on the minimap in the top right corner of the screen at anytime to view the hole you're on. Clicking on the reset button on the top right corner of the screen will reset the shot you've currently made, and place your golf ball back at the beginning of the hole, but it will keep your current amount of strokes.

Powergolf Walkthrough

Powergolf is simply regular golf with a twist. Instead of playing a boring, droning game, you'll be playing with power ups, making huge shots, and trudging through 18 holes of pure mayhem and action.

When starting out, you should first get used to the physics in Powergolf - they're different than in most golf games. Sand traps will really keep your ball grounded; even when making a full-powered shot, you'll have a small chance of getting out of them. While giving your golf ball maximum power and taking a low-angled shot, you'll be able to make it across an entire hole.

As the holes go on, you'll probably notice the large, swiveling power ups that you can activate if you smash into them with your golf ball while taking a shot. On the first hole, for example, you'll be able to activate the "Giant Hole" power up - and, as you guessed, it's a power up that makes the hole at the end much, much bigger. Activating these power ups is an essential part of this game, not only because of the name but because of how much they actually help - the game is hard enough.

All in all, Powergolf is fun, chaotic, and exactly what you need if you're bored. If you don't normally play golf, or even online golfing games, you'll be pleasantly surprised with this one - just remember to take really, really powerful shots when trying to get out of sand traps.