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Pressure Shot Instructions

Pressure Shot is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys select your club and the left and right arrow keys aim your shot. Tap the spacebar to start your swing, tap the spacebar once more to stop the power bar, and a third time to set the accuracy of your stroke. Hold the control key to show the slope of the greens.

Pressure Shot Walkthrough

Pressure Shot is a golf game that puts you in the shoes of a European player at an international golf tournament. Pressure Shot features impressive pseudo-3D graphics, somewhat realistic physics (we'll get to this point later), and challenging gameplay.

Your objective in Pressure Shot is to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible to beat the American player. You do not play all eighteen holes in this golf game, nor do you play from tee to green. In Pressure Shot, it is assumed that you are playing the ball from where your character drove the ball off-screen, and you are only focusing on the short game (chipping and putting). After you have played all eighteen holes (you only actually play five in this golf game), then your score will be tallied. Don't worry if you don't beat the American the first time playing this golf game, since it is a very challenging feat.

Before taking each stroke in Pressure Shot, you should look at the slope of the green. If you hold the control key, arrows will appear on and around the green to indicate the direction that your ball will roll in while moving on the green's surface. The visual appearance of the contours of the green do not necessarily coincide with the direction of these arrows, so it is necessary to check the actual slope if you want to succeed in this golf game.

As is the case in the real sport of golf, it is important to select the proper club for the job in Pressure Shot. The putter is the best club to use on the green, and the nine iron is your best bet from the fairway or rough. The sand wedge is a decent club for medium-ranged shots or for getting out of sand traps. For some reason, this golf game does not include the pitch wedge, much to my disappointment. The maximum range of each club is displayed in the center of the power meter, and indicates the estimated distance of your shot if you apply maximum power. This meter does not indicate how far your ball will travel in the air, however, so you might not necessarily make it over that water hazard or sand trap. This estimation includes distance that the ball will attain while airborne with distance that the ball attain while rolling added to it. In some cases, it may be best to try to avoid hazards completely than to try to shoot over them.

As a person who has played golf and enjoys the sport, I was a bit disappointed by some aspects of Pressure Shot. Firstly, a nine iron should not be a better club to get out of a green-side bunker than a sand wedge. It is possible, but the sand wedge should be a much better choice. Secondly, when hitting through trees in this golf game your ball will either bounce off or drop to the ground below the tree. In real life, there is a possibility of going through the tree's branches if the ball is hit hard enough, and in some cases this can be used as a tactic. Finally, I don't believe that any country club would be happy seeing a professional golfer pull out a nine iron on a putting green!

Pressure Shot is a solid golf game despite its imperfections. Hardcore golfers probably won't be satisfied with this golf game, but casual fans of the sport that want a real Flash golf game rather than the common putt-putt games can satisfy their craving with Pressure Shot.