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Pro Zombie Golf Instructions

Aim your shot using the mouse. Choose the power of your shot using the mouse. Take your shot by clicking with the left mouse button.

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There is absolutely nothing typical about Pro Zombie Golf. Nothing. If you're looking for a golf game that follows the exact same premise as almost all of the other golf games online with the same basic layout and same basic controls, you may want to look elsewhere because this definitely isn't your typical golfing game. For starters, there are zombies. In addition, your golf club is a scythe and your golf ball is a skull. Finally, you aren't trying to shoot a golf ball into a hole in the fewest possible shots to make par for the course. Instead, your goal here is to kill all of the zombies in each new level by shooting skulls at them and knocking them off the platform they're on. The only thing this game really has in common with most of the other golf games online is the swing and that's really what makes this game so appealing. In a genre that seems content to offer variations of the same old thing over and over again, this one has the nerve to try something different and it works. Big time.

While Pro Zombie Golf has little in common with the majority of the other golf games out there, it does have its similarities. The swing you'll use to hit your skulls is the typical golf swing. You need to adjust the angle of your swing and the power behind your swing in this game the same way you would in other games in the genre. The only real difference is the desired outcome. Think of it like this: the skull is basically a golf ball and the zombie is the hole you're trying to get the golf ball in. It's all about presentation. Golf game lovers might choose to overlook this game because it's different but at its core, this one is really quite similar to the other games in the genre. Its just presented in a new and fresh way which helps it avoid feeling stale or boring. You even still have par for the course except in this game par is the number of skulls you have to take out the zombies and if you fail to come in under par or at least make par, you lose and will have to start over.

Aside from just offering a different format for experienced golf game players to enjoy, Pro Zombie Golf also offers more chances to get a high score. This isn't something you'll find in most of the other golf games online. In this one, you can collect stars that will give you bonus points. Experienced players who love shooting for a high score are going to love this aspect of the game. For newcomers to the genre who are still having trouble getting the hang of the swing, it's probably best to skip trying to get all of the stars and focus on just trying to take out the zombies, but more experienced players looking for a challenge can get what they want by trying to collect all of the stars in each level. It won't be easy but that's what makes it so much fun. In addition, the bonus points you'll get on your score at the end will make it well worth the effort.

The key to doing well in Pro Zombie Golf isn't much different than other golf games. You have to focus on your swing. Getting the right angle and the right amount of power in your swing is vital to accomplishing your goal. That isn't always easy and as you progress in the game it gets even more difficult, but if you focus and learn from your mistakes, you'll be able to do it. The greatest thing about this game is that you're really able to learn from missed shots because when you try again, the position and strength of your previous shot is shown. If you aimed too low, you can make your adjustments quickly and easily by aiming slightly higher than your last shot. The same can be said for power. As you move through the game, you'll be able to judge how much strength and power you need a bit more easily, but when you miss, that previous shot indicator will help significantly.

Overall, Pro Zombie Golf is one of the most unique golf games online; perfect for any player regardless of skill or experience level. Some of the more difficult levels can be a bit frustrating but stick with it. You'll get the hang of it. There isn't a single level in this game that can't be beaten, so take the time to think about your shot, learn from your mistakes and focus on your swing and you should do fine. While on its surface this might not seem like a golf game in the traditional sense of the term, give it a shot and you'll see it really is. The makers of this game have offered up a truly unique experience that will thrill any fan of golf games, zombie games or just entertaining games in general. Pro Zombie Golf is a game that shouldn't be missed.