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Putt It In Instructions

Choose the position of your ball using the mouse. Place the ball by clicking with the left mouse button. Choose the power and direction of your swing using the mouse. Take your shot by clicking with the left mouse button. In scenes with yellow arrows at the top, bottom and sides of the game screen, hover your mouse over an arrow to slide the scene in that direction.

Putt It In Walkthrough

Putt It In is an excellent and engrossing online golf game that will challenge you to get your ball into the hole in the fewest possible shots; a goal that isn't terribly uncommon in the world of online golf games but also one that can be pretty difficult to accomplish. While at first glance, this game seems like just another point and click golf game, it's actually fairly difficult. Newcomers are going to have a hard time with this one right from the start while more experienced golf game players will likely make out a bit better but have trouble on later holes. In this one, things get much more difficult as you progress when new obstacles are added, but stick with it. In this game, nothing beats experience so the longer you play, the better you'll perform. You might not be able to make par on every hole your first time through, but you'll get much closer the second time you play and eventually you'll be able to get the score you want on every hole.

What really gets Putt It In apart from most of the other golf games online are the small details that are added and in the end, those details are really what make the game so entertaining. To begin with, the graphics are far better than the graphics you would get with most of the other golf games online. Good graphics can really make all the difference and are often times the difference between a bland game and a game that feels fresh and new. You also get to choose to play as one of four different characters allowing a higher level of customization than you would get in many of the other games in the genre. There isn't really much difference in how the players perform, but the fact that you can choose at all makes the game feel much more individualized and personal. You can also choose to play a two player game or just play alone which is something that isn't often offered in games of this nature. Allowing you the chance to play with a friend adds a whole new level of entertainment and challenge to an already fun and challenging game.

The best way to do well in Putt It In is to challenge yourself to get par on each course. Par for the course is shown at the top left of the screen while how many strokes you've taken on that course is shown on the top right. Try not to get discouraged if you see you're close to par or have gone over par but haven't yet gotten the ball in the hole. Instead, take a moment to stop and think about where your ball is and what you need to do to finish the hole. Look at the obstacles surrounding the hole. You may need to bank your shot off one of those obstacles or increase the power of your swing to make your ball travel further. Alternatively, there may be an obstacle standing in your way that you need to shoot around or you may need to decrease the power of your shot if you ball is rolling right over the top of the hole without going in. Missed shots shouldn't be seen as a failure, but instead the chance to learn from your mistakes and improve. While you might not be able to salvage that hole, you can use that knowledge to do better the next time around.

Overall, Putt It In can be a fairly frustrating game, but with a little patience and practice, even newcomers should be able to eventually finish each hole under par. More experienced golf game players are going to love the graphics in the game as well as the fact that the game itself actually offers a pretty decent challenge. The key is to not allow your frustration take over. This is a game of patience and careful thinking. The angle and power of your shot will make all of the difference. Miscalculate and you'll miss the hole and likely miss par. Focus on your stroke and you should do fine. If you are a fan of golf games, this is a game you need to play at least once.