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Putt It In! The Garden Park Instructions

Click and drag your mouse on the golf ball to aim and gauge your shot - depending on the obstacles, hills, and hazards in front of you.

Putt It In! The Garden Park Walkthrough

Putt It In! The Garden Park is an online golfing game that's a whole lot of fun; in it, you'll be able to choose and name your character and play through a full course of putt-putt golf. While that may sound like plenty of other online golfing games, the top-down perspective of Putt It In makes this game a whole lot more refreshing than many other online golfing games.

With that in mind, you'll also have to think about how it makes this game a lot more difficult than many other online golfing games. The top-down perspective makes aiming more difficult since the game is in 3D - you're not really able to tell where the ball will go. However, due to the physics of the game, you can have the ball roll over the hole with a 100% power and still make it in. Where other golfing games would make the ball bounce out of the hole, Putt It In doesn't.

After you've named and selected your character, you'll be able to start the 18-hole course. Each hole presents a new a different hazard that you'll have to avoid or plow through if you want to get a birdie or par. For instance, shooting your ball into a water hazard will give you another stroke, while hills and objects will just make shots more difficult. Also, at the beginning of every hole, you'll be able to place your golf ball wherever you'd like on the blue square - use this to your advantage, since you won't have many.

Overall, Putt It In isn't your typical online golf game, but it's not the easiest one around, either. It's up to you to make it through this 3D, top-down golf course, so good luck - you'll need it.