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Putter Nutter Instructions

Putter Nutter is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag behind the ball to control your backswing. Release the mouse button to putt the ball.

Putter Nutter Walkthrough

Putter Nutter is a golf game that places you in the role of a stereotypical Scottish golfer. Putter Nutter features colorful graphics, simple controls, and challenging gameplay. Although this game may be very appealing to players of all ages, parental discretion is advised due to the fact that the golfer will occasionally use a swear word when a putt is missed.

The objective of Putter Nutter is to sink the number of putts required by each level before time runs out. At the beginning of each level in this golf game, your golfer will be placed on a position on the putting green. After successfully making a putt, your golfer will be moved to another location on the green. You cannot manually change the location from which you putt in any way; you must make the putt from your current location to advance to the next. You are given an unlimited number of putts from each location, but you must meet the level's quota before time runs out.

The green of Putter Nutter does have a slope, but there is no way to tell which way your putt will curve until you have made a putt. The curvature of the green does not change while you are attempting the same putt, so after you have made your first putt, you should be able to tell which direction you will need t compensate in to make the shot. As a general rule, the harder you hit the ball, the less it will be effected by the slope of the green.

Animals will occasionally run across the screen in Putter Nutter. If you manage to hit one of this animals with your ball, you will receive a random bonus. Some of these bonuses will simply increase your score, but you may also receive a time bonus, or the hole may be made larger temporarily, making it easier for you to sink your putts. I advise you to try to hit these animals when you can since the bonuses that they provide will help you in this golf game.

Putter Nutter is a fun golf game and a great way to kill some time. Casual gamers will love Putter Nutter since it is easy to pick up, yet challenging to master!