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RingShot Instructions

Click on an orb and drag your mouse back to power your shot - try to activate every ring in front of you to pass each level. Some levels can have up to six different colored rings; so you'll have to activate some more than once in each level.

RingShot Walkthrough

Ringshot may seem like a simple golfing game at first, but after you've played a few levels, you'll learn that it's anything but simple. In each level, you'll have a set amount of rings to activate. Rings can be activated by hurling an orb of the same color and getting it to stop inside the ring. Once a ring has been activated, the orb will still be inside of it, and if there are any other colored rings on the level, you'll then have to activate them while avoiding the first orb.

This can make things tricky right from the get go - if you have three different colored rings, and they're all lined up in front of you, you'll have to complete the level by activating the last ring first, then the middle, then the first ring. But since the game gives you the first ring's color first, you'll have to do some careful maneuvering, and activate some rings more than once.

The game gives you 5 or 6 orbs per each ring, and after activating one ring, you'll switch to another color. Since orbs can knock each other around, you have to be careful when it comes to knocking orbs out of rings - it can deactivate them. Once you've run out of the 5 or 6 rings you started with, you'll be able to restart the level, but at the cost of one life - Ringshot gives you 6 lives from the start.

All things considered, Ringshot is a puzzling golfing game that anyone should enjoy - even though the later levels will take an adequate amount of time and skill to complete.