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Silly Golf Instructions

Silly Golf is controlled by using the mouse. Click to place your ball in the shaded starting position. Move your mouse to aim your putt. The further away your mouse is from the ball, the harder you will hit it. Click to hit the ball. You may use the arrow keys to pan the camera and look around the course.

Silly Golf Walkthrough

Silly Golf is a miniature golf game played from a top-down perspective. Silly Golf features simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and eighteen entertaining holes.

The objective of Silly Golf is to get the ball into the flagged hole in as few strokes as possible. There is no way to explicitly win or lose in this golf game, but you should always try to sink the ball and get as low of a score as possible. The holes of this course do have pars, but unfortunately, they are not displayed on the score card.

The controls of Silly Golf are simple. Move your mouse to control your backswing. The further back you move your mouse, the harder your stroke will be. The direction and power of your shot are indicated by a white line that emanates from your ball. The longer this line, the harder your stroke will be. Click the left mouse button to hit the ball.

In order to move the camera in this golf game, you may use the arrow keys. I advise you to move the camera around to take a look at the hole before placing the ball and taking your first stroke. This will allow you to carefully plan your shots in advance, potentially improving your score.

Silly Golf is a fun miniature golf game, but at times it can be very frustrating. Occasionally, the game may glitch and the ball will be knocked out of bounds after repeatedly banking off of walls. Secondly, it is often difficult to tell how much power you need to apply to each stroke. Using the white line as a power indicator, the same length can sometimes be a light tap, while other times the ball will be blasted forward. This even happens on even surfaces! Unfortunately, many of your strokes in this golf game may be hit-or-miss.

Despite its flaws, Silly Golf is a game that offers an entertaining challenge for fans of the miniature golf game genre. Don't be upset at your score the first time around; I ended up shooting in the fifties. Hopefully, you can do better. Find out if you can by playing Silly Golf!