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Wonderputt Instructions

Wonderputt is controlled by using the mouse. Mouse over the ball and move your cursor behind it to control the direction and power of your putt. Click to putt.

Wonderputt Walkthrough

Wonderputt is a miniature golf game. Don't expect basic windmills, castles, and molehills in Wonderputt though, this gold game contains a wild array of holes ranging from cities, Stonehenge, and even the inside of a torpedo! This golf game features eighteen challenging courses, beautiful isometric graphics, surreal environments, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Wonderputt is to complete each of the eighteen holes in as few strokes as possible. Each hole has its own par, and scoring par rewards three thousand points. If you manage to get the ball into the hole in less strokes, then you will be rewarded one thousand points per stroke under par, but if you shoot over par, then you are penalized one thousand points for each stroke over par. You will always be rewarded with at least one thousand points for completing holes in this golf game, however.

Wonderputt has a simple control scheme, but it may take some getting used to if you have played other golf games. To putt, simply hover your mouse over the ball, move your mouse in the opposite direction that you want the ball to go int, and click. The farther your mouse is from the ball when you click, the harder your stroke will be. An arrow will appear in front of the ball to indicate the direction and power of your putt, so you may use this to aim your shot.

The first nine holes of Wonderputt are quite simple, but things get trickier on the back nine. If you want to shoot under par, try to complete the front nine in as few strokes as possible, because you will probably end up with a few bogeys in the second half of this golf game. Be sure to avoid putting your ball into the water or off of the course. You will not receive any penalty strokes in this golf game, but you will have to putt again from where you were, and in some cases your ball will be placed back at the beginning of the hole!

Wonderputt is an outstanding miniature golf game with enough eye candy to please most casual gamers. If you want to kick back and have a relaxing game of putt-putt, then Wonderputt is just the game for you!