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Play Mini Putt

Mini Putt

Mini Putt is an absolute classic in the world of online golf games. The real beauty of this golf game is its...

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  • Play Superstar Golf

    Superstar Golf


    Superstar Golf is just about as realistic as you can...

  • Play Mini Golf Arcade

    Mini Golf Arcade


    Mini Golf Arcade is a very simple putt-putt golf game...

  • Play Platform Golf

    Platform Golf


    Platform Golf is a game that's fun for people who...

  • Play Mini Golf 99 Holes

    Mini Golf 99 Holes


    Mini Golf 99 Holes is an entertaining and surprisingly addictive...

  • Play Putt It In

    Putt It In


    Putt It In is an excellent and engrossing online golf...

  • Play Pro Zombie Golf

    Pro Zombie Golf


    There is absolutely nothing typical about Pro Zombie Golf. Nothing....

  • Play Putt It In! The Garden Park

    Putt It In! The Garden Park


    Putt It In! The Garden Park is an online golfing...

  • Play 3D Mini Golf

    3D Mini Golf


    3D Mini Golf is a miniature golf game with psuedo-3D...

  • Play Easter Golf

    Easter Golf


    Easter Golf is a fun golfing game that's aimed at...

  • Play Golf Jam

    Golf Jam


    Golf Jam is a golfing game that's aimed at kids...

  • Play Doyu Golf

    Doyu Golf


    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, Microsoft Golf Version...

  • Play Graveyard Golf

    Graveyard Golf


    More than your average online golf game, Graveyard Golf can...

  • Play Pirate Golf Adventure

    Pirate Golf Adventure


    Pirate Golf Adventure may be the first game of its...

  • Play Flop Shot Minigolf 2

    Flop Shot Minigolf 2


    Don't you find the traditional golf games boring sometimes? I...

  • Play Ballero



    Ballero is a combination between any golf game you've ever...

  • Play Putt More Base

    Putt More Base


    Putt More Base is the sequel to the miniature golf...

  • Play Dumbolf



    Who would have thought Dumbo has a golf-playing brother?...

  • Play RingShot



    Ringshot may seem like a simple golfing game at first,...

Recent Golf Game Reviews

  • Flash Golf 2001 Thumbnail

    Flash Golf 2001 is a top-down Flash golf game. Flash Golf 2001 features simple graphics, announcer voice-overs, and nine challenging...

  • Island Mini Golf Thumbnail

    Island Mini Golf is a miniature golf game presented by TBS. Island Mini Golf may be played alone or with...

  • Silly Golf Thumbnail

    Silly Golf is a miniature golf game played from a top-down perspective. Silly Golf features simple graphics, easy-to-learn controls, and...

  • Pitch N' Putt Golf Thumbnail

    Pitch N' Putt Golf is a challenging golf game that is based on the sport of pitch and putt. Pitch...

  • Midi Golf Thumbnail

    Midi Golf is a semi-realistic golf game that focuses on the short game. Midi Golf features simple controls, beautiful graphics,...

  • Mini Putt 3 Thumbnail

    Mini Putt 3 is the third game in the Mini Putt series of miniature golf games. Mini Putt 3 features...

  • Turbo Golf Thumbnail

    Turbo Golf is a golf game developed by turboNuke, the creators of Flash games such as the CycloManiacs series and...

  • Ninja Golf Thumbnail

    Ninja Golf was developed by BlueSky Software and released in 1990 for the Atari 7800. The game was revolutionary for...

  • Putt More Base Thumbnail

    Putt More Base is the sequel to the miniature golf game, Putt Base, and like its predecessor is developed by...

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For the starters and newbies who can't seem to pick which golf game to play, our Top 10 list should help you get started in the RIGHT direction. Updated every month, only the BEST of the BEST makes it to our top 10 list of golf games online. Playing one of the games on our top 10 list is HIGHLY recommended. Here's what's waiting for you inside TopGolfGames.com:

Classic Golf Games That Have Taken The Online World By Storm!

If you want nothing BUT the absolute classics in the world of online sports games, you will find it all here! Mini Putt is one of those classics - one of the beauties of Mini Putt is the game is simple, but at the same time challenging! There's nothing grand about the graphics. The controls are very easy to use and the goal of the game is simple too - finish all of the 18 holes in as few strokes as you can. If you can beat par on every hole, you are guaranteed to be in excellent shape at the end of the game!

VERY Realistic Golf Games

If you want an online golfing game that brings you close to reality, Superstar Golf is one of the games you should check out. And even better, we have it RIGHT HERE! Choose a golfer, grab a set of clubs, play through 9 holes of golf and have fun! Oh! And don't forget to pay attention to the details like wind direction - these details make Superstar Golf very realistic!

Fun And Unique Golf Games

"Who cares about clubs and wind direction? I want to have FUN with golf!" if that's your type, TopGolfGames.com has you covered! If you want nothing BUT pure fun, Platform Golf is an excellent game to get started with - one of the top 10 golf games we have here. Showcasing an 18 hole course, normal golfers have to deal with things you would NEVER see in a course. What are those? Play the game and find out!

There's a golf game for everyone! Play now at TopGolfGames.com and bring out the Tiger Woods in you!